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aravindmelepura@gmail.com | calendar 21 December 2023 | 214

Hey there! I'm Arvind, just diving into the coding world and having a blast learning the ropes. I'm cooking up all sorts of programs, from web stuff to fun console apps, to show off my growing skills and the cool things you can do with code. Join me on this ride as I share my journey, tips, and, of course, plenty of quirky projects. Can't wait to see where this coding adventure takes us! ??


This C# code defines a class called `DogShape` with a static method, `PrintDog`, which outputs an ASCII art representation of a dog named Taffy along with the greeting "Hello, Taffy!" when called. It serves as a concise example of using text-based art in a C# console application to create a playful and modular representation of a dog.