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Murugan Andezuthu Dharmaratnam | calendar 15 September 2020 | 2784

.NET Core is a free open-source general-purpose development platform. It is a successor to the .net framework. Using .NET Core you can build application which will run macOS, Linux, and Windows. It is a redesign of an earlier version of asp .net and was released on June 27, 2016.

.NET Core support C#, F# & Visual Basic .NET languages. You can build Android, IOS, Linux, Mac & Windows using favorite language C#.

below are the types of cross platform application supported by .net core

  1. ASP.NET Core web apps
  2. Command-line apps
  3. Libraries
  4. Universal Windows Platform apps

.NET Core 3 supports desktop technologies Windows Forms, WPF, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Main components of .Net Core

  1. CoreCLR
  2. CoreFX

Performance is the main focus of .NET Core and it is faster than other popular web frameworks. .Net Core is modern and innovative, Its designed to allow runtime components. On the same server, multiple versions of .Net core exist side by side. This means an application can be running on one version of .Net core while another application or test application can run on a different version of .Net core.