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Murugan Andezuthu Dharmaratnam | calendar 23 September 2020 | 2285

Creating a temporary table in mssql is one of the easiest things to do. You can use the same syntax as creating a table, the only difference prepend a # to the table name. A temp table will exist in the database only temporarily. Temp table is stored in tempdb which is a system database.

Solution 1

create table #RecipeIngredients
	[IngredientName] [nvarchar](128) NULL,
	[Quantity] [nvarchar](64) NULL,
	[UnitName] [nvarchar](64) NULL

Solution 2

If I already have a table say SetupCountry with properties NumericId & Name, I can use the select into statement to create the table

select Name,NumericId into #TempCountry
from SetupCountry

select * from #TempCountry

The above query will return the list of countries from the temporary table