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Rakesh Kumar Sutar | calendar 10 February 2021 | 1373


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. JSON is "self-describing" and easy to understand. JSON is language independent. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language. JSON has collection of name/value pairs. In various languages, this is realized as an object, record, struct, dictionary, hash table, keyed list, or associative array. An ordered list of values. In most languages, this is realized as an array, vector, list, or sequence.

What JSON do?

JSON format is text only, it can easily be sent to and from a server, and used as a data format by any programming language. JavaScript has a built in function to convert a string, written in JSON format, into native JavaScript objects: JSON.parse().