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Are you a fresher? Well we are in the same page! As a fresher we undergo a lot of pressure and stress when we are looking out for a job. We will be nervous and excited about performing our best in the interviews. As a fresher we may arrive at a point where we could not know how to go ahead or we may lose focus if we face setbacks. So that we don't take job-related stress, it is important that we stay motivated.Most of the time we loose focus when we fail the interviews, and judge ourselves as a failure rather than learning from our mistakes. That is why self-motivation is important at every point of our life, not only when we are freshers, but also when we are a working professionals.

What is motivation?

Motivation is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled and improve our overall quality of life.

What is self-motivation?

It is the drive one needs to keep moving forward in life regardless of whatever the situation is. It is the positive attitude that conditions one to have self-faith and achieve all their goals.

Let's see the ways in which a fresher can keep themselves motivated.

  • Communicate and talk to everyone. This will boost our energy. Try to choose positive people to talk to.
  • Always remain optimistic.
  • We should understand where our interest lies.
  • Motivate others to do their work well.

    Why we need self-motivation?

    1. Self-motivation clears all our goals.
      When we are self-motivated, our desire to change in life will become more clear. This brings us closer to our aims. This gives a clear idea and tells us what we are working for.
    2. Self-motivation helps in crossing the milestones.
      Every road that we are crossing will have some roadblocks and breaks in it. Self-motivation gives us the courage to cross those and make us try again and again until we reach our destination.
    3. Self-motivation trains us towards consistency.
      Thomas Alva Edison, who invented the light bulb, said, “I have not failed but found 10,000 other ways that don't work”. Our greatest fear makes us give up. But self-motivation helps in trying to do one more time. No matter how hard you try and fail, but never stop trying.
    4. Self-motivation teaches us to compete with ourselves.
      We are our biggest project in our life. whatever position we are in or we reached we should always strive to find our own version better than that. If we think we are best at some point, we shall try to be better than the best.

    How to stay self-motivated?

    1. Personal drive to achieve.
      We should always have a personal interest to achieve a goal by setting one. This can be achieved by having a growth mindset. Most of us will have a fixed mindset that there is a limitation for our ability and we don't try to achieve something bigger than that of our ability. So it is important to keep a growth mindset to achieve our goal with constant hard work and dedication.
    2. Keep learning.
      We should never stop acquiring knowledge or learning something new. Knowledge is power, and learning new skills improves your productivity. Best way to learn is from our own mistakes, which will help us not to repeat the same mistakes again.
    3. Commitment to goals.
      We need something in our lives to aim towards. Having an awareness of where we wish to be, and an understanding of how we plan to get there, is a vital part of staying motivated. As a fresher its better to have a short term goal of getting a job and a long term goal of where you want to be a couple of years later. Always keep a goal in your life and make that goal as your life.
    4. Stay away from negative people.
      We should always try to stick around in the company of positive people who will motivate us and celebrate all our small successes. Negative people will always have something to say about us that may demotivate us.
    5. Keep working to build a better version of yourself.
      We should try to create a better version of ourselves, personally and professionally by understanding our strengths an weakness and work on improving them.

        When we need self-motivation?

        1. Failure.
          Most of the time we loose hope on ourselves when we fail at something. One thing we should always keep in mind is, "Failure is a stepping stone for success". If we think that we failed at something, try to understand why and try not to repeat it again.
        2. Depression.
          It is common to a freshers like us to get depressed thinking about our career when we don't get the job as soon as we complete our graduation. So we should keep developing ourselves personally even if we are not hired by any company.
        3. No goals to achieve.
          Instead of stop working on our personal development when we complete a goal that was set, we should set another goal to achieve or while setting the goal, instead of setting one goal, keep a set of short term goals to achieve. Its also better to break a bigger goal to pieces and achieve it step by step.