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Creating a Simple webpage using HTML


Text Editors
Internet Browser

Step 1: Open Your Text Editor

The first step is to open your text editor. It's important to use a “raw” text editor, and not a formatted word processor.

Step 2: Write Your HTML Code

Now that your text editor is open, you can begin writing your HTML. There are a few things that are always present in a well-formatted HTML file. Here's all of them together again:

        <!DOCTYPE html>
                <title> My First Web Page! </title>
                <h1> Hello World! </h1>


You can just copy and paste it into your text editor.

Step 3: Save Your File

Your web page is now ready, but currently it only exists inside of your text editor. The next step is to save the file to your computer. If you closed the text editor now without saving, your new web page would be lost! There are a few important things to keep in mind when you save it the file:
1. Use the .html HTML file extension, i.e. about_me.html
2. Don't use any spaces or special characters in the file name. Use underscores (_) or dashes (-) instead.
3. Decide where in your computer you will save the file, and make sure to remember the location!