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Sharath | calendar 04 January 2021 | 2728

Here are the steps to create first hello world application in Angular

Table of contents

      1. Creating First Angular Hello World Example
      2. Creating a Component in Angular
      3. Importing Dependencies in Component in Angular
      4. Component Decorators in Angular
      5. Selector in Angular component
      6. TemplateUrl in Angular Component
      7. styleUrls in Angular Component
      8. Adding Data to the Component in Angular

Creating First Angular Hello World Example

I recommend you to create a folder in your local disk so that all Angular examples are one place

Open command prompt navigate to created folder; use the ng new command (Angular CLI) to create a new Angular project from scratch.

ng new hello-world-angular

After successful completion, you should see following message.

Project “hello-world-angular” successfully created.

Now navigate to the created ‘hello-world-angular' directory.

Use your favourite editor (my choice would be visual studio code) open the created folder. The directory structure will be something like below.

Creating a Component in Angular

We will create a component using Angular CLI command.

ng generate component hello-world

It will create four files as shown below

    • src/app/hello-world/hello-world.component.css
    • src/app/hello-world/hello-world.component.html
    • src/app/hello-world/hello-world.component.spec.ts
    • src/app/hello-world/hello-world.component.ts.

Now open \hello-world-angular\src\app\app.component.html file and add the created component as shown below.

<h1> {{title}}<h2> <app-hello-world><app-hello-world>