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Murugan Andezuthu Dharmaratnam | calendar 02 January 2022 | 316

Its 2nd Jan 2022 & this year I have set a goal to learn AI. I will update this website with notes as a I learn AI.


Learn Python
Basic Maths
	- Calculus 
	- Proabability
	- Statistics
Time it will take to learn AI 
	- Will Take time 
Learn from where
7 steps of machine learning 

create  a system that answers a simple question
the system that you build it called the model
and the model is created via a process called training

we identify object based on factors we will call it features. 

1. Gathering of Data
2. Data Preparation ( Training 80%, Evaluation 20%) -> Correct Data -> Duplication, Normalization, Error Correction
3. Choosing a model 
4. Training - Used to incrementally improve the model 
5. Evaluation - using the Evaluation Data for evaluating the model
6, Hyper Parameter Tuning
7. Prediction


Good Resources

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